Saturday, October 2, 2010

Go or No GO


This is now two weeks that I'm trying to fly. 3 scheduled flights all No GO, because of the wonderful Benelux weather we have up north !

Todays flight is for 4p.m local, final weather report is at 2p.m local, getting my stuff ready. We certainly won't have, horizontal visibility exceeding 7500meters later today. For now It's overcast at 300 feet and visibility at 3200meters. Drizzle and rain moderate, but seems to be getting better.

I'm planning on filming my flight this time and land it on Youtube in a couple of days. But obviously only if I get some altitude in the next hours...

It's definitely the end of the "Nice season". I haven't flow much at all, only 5 hours. I'm not too optimistic for the next months either. Flying season is for April next year. Now it's Homer season...

If it's a no go for today I'm rescheduling for tomorrow if there is a slot.

I've been thinking of a new system for mounting my camera in the cockpit. At low rpm the camera is picking up all the vibrations that our So precious 112 horse power Lycoming engine produces.

More info later on.

Hopefully we will be flying in between two layers of clouds today...

Well negative:

As I expected it's a no go for today. Rescheduled for tomorrow but there isn't previsions of any improvement...

So I'm checking out for Wednesday afternoon and hopefully the weather will improve.


Today is CAVOK, visibility greater than 10 kilometers. Still it's a No Go ! The reason why, 15knots of wind gusts at 25. This instability is caused by a low pressure area above iceland and the north atlantic sea...

Anyways I'd rather be dreaming of being up there while i'm down here, than dreaming to be down here while i'm up there !

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