Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Air show 2010

Saturday and sunday, took place the air show 2010 of Beauvechain. I was present, and this means I assisted for the first time at an air show.
It was fantastic !

We saw several aerobatic teams such as the Royal aerobatic Moroccan team called "Marche Verte", and the Royal Jordanian falcons.

They gave to us a brilliant show, especially the "Marche verte" took off attached to each other with ropes, and then just broke them by splitting the formation.
I assisted as-well to solo displays performed by fighter jets, the Rafale, F16 fighting falcon or viper, F18 hornet and the Grippen Saab JAS-39 were present and aerobatic aircrafts Melissa Pemberton was over there too. She performed one of the most impressive displays.
Unfortunately I forgot my Camera

But here is a video of the Royal Moroccan Air Force Aerobatic team :

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