Friday, August 6, 2010

14th July

We woke up at seven a.m. The sun was rising. We were looking forward at assisting to the parade of the 14th July on the Champs Elysée. Aware of the weather previsions we just thought it wasn't going as bad as it actually was going to be.
We left the hotel room at nine a.m and took the subway. A part of the leg was out in the open, we could get view of the sky.
<< Seems like the previsions failed to be right for today >> Said my Father
I wasn't so sure about that as there were cirrus clouds high over us.
We got off and settled about 300meters away from the Arc de triomphe. Which was revealed to be as a not so good nor a bad ideas, because we still got to see SOME of the Parade. So at about half past ten it started.
The rain stroked the drops were as big as a bomb. We got the raid before the planes.
But I didn't miss a bit of it !

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